Providing apparel for the champions of sustainability, Step3Project brings accessibility to investing in sustainable infrastructure through the purchase of any Step3Project item.


Step3project was started with the belief that the world we live in is not only our home but our playground. It is time for us to take responsibility for the effects of the industrial revolution and start revolutionizing sustainability. Our mission is to make supporting renewable energy and environmental sustainability visible and accessible.


To do our part and give you an opportunity to help, we have set a goal of creating 3 watts of sustainable energy for every item that is sold; achieved through the introduction of renewable energy infrastructure or a reduction in energy consumption. To accomplish this, Step3 uses a large portion of the profits from selling our apparel to buy sustainable energy infrastructure. This includes anything from windmills to solar panels to LED lights. To put it in perspective, when you make a purchase you also buy one-thirtieth of a solar panel. That means that after thirty other purchases, Step3 can buy a solar panel and install at a site that will benefit from renewable energy. That solar panel will then generate renewable energy for the rest of its operational life meaning that your purchase will provide 3 watt hours for every hour of operation.


Your purchase will provide energy to run an average light bulb for 6500 hours, toast 7600 pieces of bread or do 212 loads of laundry. Without the need to constantly removing resources from the planet.

One purchase will provide energy for a 3 watt lightbulb forever.

 For those of you interested in the complexities; a watt hour is a unit of energy that is made up of the power needed to run the object (watts) and the duration the object is using power (hours). For example, a 100 watt light bulb that is on for 5 hours uses 500 watt hours of electricity. To put this into perspective, the average home uses about 900 kilowatt hours per month. This means, that with 3 thousand purchases we can collectively power a house solely on renewable energy (3000 sales x 3 watts each x 5 hours average generation time per day x 30 days in a month = 1.2 megawatt hours). 


Currently, 41% of the world's power is created by burning coal.  Due to the fact that coal is being consumed, it is inherently unsustainable, not to mention the CO2 emissions created. In addition, 11% of the world is powered by nuclear power plants. These plants are much better than coal because they dont need to have a steady stream of resources being mined from the earth. However, they still bring up the question of what to do with radioactive waste. To avoid the risks associated with these other forms of power, Step3Project is working to lower power consumption and integrate renewable sources of power generation. These include options such as solar panels, hydro-electrics, thermo-electrics and windmills which rely solely on a natural phenomenon (wind, heat and gravity and sun).  Switching to these renewable forms of energy will lessen the impact of resource removal on our world and allow for it to continue its reign as our beautiful playground.


Now, more than ever, we need to start investing in our world's future. It is our hope that we can set ourselves apart by accompanying Step3 products with the chance for consumers to have a direct effect on the environment. Each individual contribution may be small, but there are few things that can stop the power of a crowd. 

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Appreciate the world around you. Join the team and rep the step!