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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you know, we run a mustache growing contest for "Movember" in support of men's health. This year we have teamed up with Mikayla Seaton to raise awareness for women's health as well.

Everyone's life has been affected by cancer, whether it be family members or friends, you ask anybody and they will know someone who has been affected by it. Personally, cancer has affected my life in a big way which is why I would like to get out ahead of it in support of women's health. To all the ladies out there, you are amazing so please make sure to check on yourself and remind your friends to get regular checkups.

Mikayla painted the amazing piece shown below, which is featured on our new line of apparel, labeled the "Grit" line in memory of Shannon Murdoch. The original painting will be given away through a draw, entries for which can be gained in many different ways:


  1. Stay on the lookout for various Instagram and Facebook contests that will award entries

  2. One entry will be awarded for every apparel purchase you make (3 for the Grit hoodie)

  3. Entries can be purchased directly (link at the bottom of this page)

Proceeds will be donated to the Candian Cancer Society at the end of the month

























Resources and information about cancer:


What to look for

Talk to a specialist


If you are struggling please do not hesitate to reach out. Our contact sheet is on the home page and our email is, we would love to help in any way we can. 

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