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Shames Mountain


Project Stats

- 2,500 kWh of clean electricity annually
- Saves 1,300 L/year of diesel fuel
-Reduces operational emissions by 4
- Saves $2,000/year+ in fuel costs 

The Shames Mountain ski hill is located 15 minutes west of Terrace along highway 16, up a 13 km forestry road. The hill is unique in that is is community owned and operated under a co-operative format, serving three communities in the area; Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Kitimat. Due to the remote nature of the hill, it relies on diesel generators for power. There is a caretaker that lives at the hill and an old, out of date solar system to provide them with power necessary for their basic needs. When this system is not sufficient, or when it fails the diesel generators must be turned to provide power.


Our project - to replace and upgrade the solar equipment with new technology will allow the caretaker to meet their needs without having to use diesel fuel. It will also allow the Hill to operate without diesel during times of low usage such as overnight or on non-operational days. This will reduce the diesel consumption at the hill which will not only save costs but also greenhouse gas emissions. These cost savings will be passed directly to community benefit as they will allow the Hill to invest in other areas to stay open.


The project is currently in the RFP phase and is estimated to require a 3 kW solar array with approximately 400 ah of battery storage. The results of this project are estimated to generate 2,500 kWh per year of clean energy which will save the ski hill approximately 1,300 L of diesel fuel. Generating clean energy inplace of burning diesel will reduce green house gas emissions by approximately 4 tonnes per year, and save the ski hill approximately $2,000 in fuel costs.

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