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"The world we live in is an incredible natural playground, and we feel it is our duty to maintain it for future generations so they can experience it as we did."

    - Tristan Walker, Founder of Step3Project


With that in mind, Step3Project was started to make investing in sustainable energy accessible. We have set a goal of sustainably offsetting 3 Watts of electricity with every piece of apparel sold. That is equivalent to a lightbulb's lifetime worth of electricity. To accomplish this, we install sustainable energy infrastructure in public facilities, allowing our investors who buy our apparel (you) to reap the rewards of their contribution.


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Every purchase sustainably powers a lightbulb for life

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Rep the Step:
The act of supporting sustainable energy and loving the natural playground our world provides, while looking great and feeling comfortable.

In a sentence:
Wow, that person loves to get outside and adventure, they definitely Rep the Step.

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