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Skeena Valley Golf Course Project

Step3project standing in front of skeena golf course

After a long summer of brain storming, planning, and re-planning we have finally completed our second project! The Skeena Valley Golf Course in Terrace BC is a community owned cooperative, and now has a reduced power load of 2000 Watts! This was done by removing all 102 old fluorescent bulbs from the club house and replacing them with 37 high efficiency LED panels. Not only is the clubhouse a greener building with a smaller footprint but they also save a conservative estimate of $1.5 per day or $40 per month. Due to the course being a cooperative that means all these savings go right back into the golf course and directly benefit the community. For more info and an in depth story about the project check out the Projects section of the website.

Throughout this project we had a lot of hep from Graydon Electric (Kyle, Mike and Doug) so we'd like to extend to them a huge thank you! Also thank you to Zach for coming out on his Saturday and helping carry out all the old fixtures and cut replacement ceiling panels. Of course, thank you to all of you for the amazing support and for repping the step.Without it these projects would not be possible; we can't wait for the next one!

Two men on ladders replacing old light fixtures with new LED panels at the Skeena Valleyu Golf Course
Three men removing old light fixtures at SKeena Valley Golf Course

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