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  • Tristan Walker

Global Climate Strike

It was amazing to see the amount of people who felt strong enough to come out and show the world that sustainability is an important issue and we support it. There were so many different walks of life there and it was inspiring to see that no matter who they were or what background they came from, people felt strongly enough to come out and stand up for sustainability. Parliament Hill in Ottawa was absolutely packed, with people spilling out onto the main street, and it stayed that way for hours. The message was definitely conveyed. Crowds are a powerful thing if everyone can be united behind a single goal, and this is the type of support that will bring change. This is the goal of Step3Project, help everyone's small contribution come together to make a big difference! Don't let it stop here though, continue to stand for what you believe in and don't stop pushing. Let's keep this momentum rolling!

Students supporting the global climate strike at parliament hill in step3project clothing

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