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Update for 2019

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We'd like to thank everyone for an incredible year! This post will give a quick wrap up on our numbers and our goals for the coming year.

With the help of every single one of you who have supported us we have successfully created 2500 W of sustainable energy through the Skeena Valley Golf course Project. This is the equivalent of saving the energy from doing three loads of laundry per day. We feel extremely fortunate to have done this project as it overshoots our goal of 3 watts per item sold by a great deal; this project being the equivalent of 830 sales.

This year we sold 310 individual items giving opportunity for another project of at least 930 W which we hope to leverage to create even more power like we did in the previous project.

We have almost reached 1000 followers on social media and we are now in 3 stores; Allstar Shoes in Terrace, the Skeena Valley Golf Course Proshop in Terrace and Back Forty Design Co. in Prince George British Columbia.

Our goal for this year is to complete two projects of 1000 W, double our sales to at least 600 and continue to grow our support group!

Thank you all for joining us on this ride, we can't wait to continue to deliver new products and new projects!

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