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Indigenous culture and sustainability

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Northwest BC is special in it's rich availability of first nations culture and proximity to many different nations and their respective traditions. Growing up I was fortunate to be exposed to many of the different aspects of this culture, even as someone without any personal first nations heritage. I got to experience making myself a butterfly clan button blanket, participating in drum classes, feasts and having the benefit of hearing the teachings of many different elders. One of the biggest lessons I took away from these opportunities was the importance of not overusing and harming the earth.

As such I felt there should be representation of that culture and these lessons in Step3project. Fortunately, there are many talented artists in the area and I was introduced to Jessica McCallum Miller (Hlox Majagalee) who designed the awesome contemporary piece shown below. Inspired by nature, this piece combines facets of our logo while including traditional pieces like the t-shapes.

We are super excited to have this as part of our branding and we encourage anyone who reads this or wears one of our shirts to take every chance they get to learn about the aboriginal culture of their area. There are many great lessons to be learned.

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