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Remote Fish Counter

The Fish Counter

The Fish Counter

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Fishing for sustainability

The pursuit of sustainability takes on many different forms, and in our latest project we are broadening our horizons by partnering with BC Conservation Foundation (BCCF) to power a remote fish counting station. 


solar fish.jpg

Fish populations are a crucial part of aquatic ecosystems and provide ecological indicators of natural and developmental changes over time. In addition, they are an integral recreational and commercial resource, especially on the coast. 

Monitoring the populations and movement patterns allows us to track changes and effectively make estimations that help with regulating the industry as well as tracking any potential changes.
Unfortunately, the fish counting systems
are extremely sensitive which makes it
difficult to install them to any grid-tied
equipment due to the interference. This
means, the best strategy is to set up
remote power stations to power the
systems - which is best done renewably!

We are super stoked to work with BCCF and
help push the boundaries of what sustainability
represents. Updates will follow.

Photo by: Aaron Androsoff


Photos by: Danny Swainson

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