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At Step3Project we would like to make all dealings as easy and amicable as possible. We work hard on making sure you as our partner are cared for and provided any aid you need. To contact us directly email and we will gladly take the time to answer any questions you might have.


We understand that it can be concerning entering valuable personal information onto a website. At, your privacy is important and we make sure that you are provided with high end security against external threats. However we cannot guarantee complete safety due to technical limitations. Programs such as but not limited to key loggers and trojans cannot be controlled by us but may be used from your end to steal your data. Saying that, your information will never be given or sold by us to anyone else.


By accessing and doing business on this site you are acknowledging the these statements and the risk of distributing information anywhere online..

The information we collect on this site is not shared with anybody outside the company and remains private. We need this information (such as but not limited to name,  address, phone number, email address, cookies, IP logs, billing information, billing name and address, credit card number) in order to correctly process your purchases and maintain the step3project website. Information such as usage habits may be collected to be shared with advertisers however your name, phone number, payment information or address are never disclosed.

Upon visiting this site, a cookie may be attached to your computer. This is an identifer that can be used to find out when your computer accesses our site in order to keep track of usage data.

All of this collected personal information requires consent through the means of a purchase and you do not have to provide anything you do not wish to. Unfortunately without filling out all of the necessary information we may not be able to complete your purchase.

We reserve the right to make amendments to our privacy statement at any time and will notify you by publishing an updated version on

We do not target nor knowingly collect data on anyone under 13 years of age.

If you wish to be made aware of the personal information held by step3 please feel free to contact us and we will have to confirm your identity before continuing. We as a company do not accept any responsibility for any external access of Personal Information.

Your privacy is very important to us.


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- Offline Payments

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