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The Clothing

We make it a priority to ensure all of our clothing is ethically sourced and sustainability conscious. This means using the cutting edge of sustainable manufacturing technologies and avoiding the use of sweatshops and other unethical means of production.

The Branding

The designs for our apparel are chosen to represent the end goal of sustainability. The mountains are a symbol of our connection to nature, our world and our ability to use it as a playground. Our mission is to create a society where we do not abuse the amazing opportunities we have and ruin them for future generations. 

Our logo

turbine big mountain.png

This logo was designed by the founder Tristan Walker and encompasses all of the elements that Step3 was founded on. Our goal is to preserve the world as an outdoor playground through a shift to renewable energy and each part of this graphic represents a different part of that goal. The windmill represents the emphasis on sustainability and a renewable energy cycle. The mountains and trees within the logo represent the aspects of the outdoors that makeup what many of us see as a playground, and are inlayed to signify the attachment between maintaining them and the shift to more sustainable energy sources. Altogether, this logo carries the message of our brand and provides a beacon to guide the champions of sustainability towards a more renewable future.

The Hlox design

Designed by: Jessica McCallum-Miller (Hlox Majagalee)


Jessica McCallum-Miller (Hlox Majagalee) is from the Fireweed Clan of House Geel, of the Gitxsan Nation. She is currently a 2nd year student at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast First Nations Art and enjoys creating contemporary pieces inspired Nature.


We got in touch with Jessica because the rich aboriginal culture is intertwined throughout the sustainability movement and is a big part of what makes Northwest BC unique. Being able to work with a talented artist to create a design that represents this culture is a special opportunity.

The Step3 Cursive Logo


Designed by: Devin McDonald

Where do I start with Dev. This guy is one of the most artistically talented, and conscientious people I have ever met. I've had the pleasure of working with him in BC wildfire for 5 years and got the opportunity to become close friends and learn a lot about him, highlighted by his passion for art.

I approached him when I started Step3Project looking to try to create a design that encompasses everything Step3 stands for: the outdoors, sustainable power, a creative flair, and, the name all in one. We talked for a while about how we could accomplish that and settled on a variation of the design shown above. The nice thing about firefighting is that after work you are usually pretty isolated so there is time to talk and let ideas develop in your head. Throughout the summer we continued to improve the design, both on tour and spending hours together on his computer where I watched him do things with a drawing pad I could only dream of.  By midsummer, we had a final product that we liked, but still, he was making adjustments. Each time he would do something it would make it infinitely better until finally, he was satisfied. We were so stoked to get this design on a hat and I was so proud that I could help him wear one of his own creations.

Devin spent hours helping create this logo and I am so greatful of what he has done. We wouldn't be where we are today without his help.

Thank you, Dev!

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